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Embark on an Exquisite Journey of Beauty and Luxury

Welcome to Phoenician Sugaring and Day Spa, your luxurious sanctuary nestled in the picturesque heart of Indian Wells. A place where the boundaries of traditional beauty and wellness blur to create a haven of tranquility and indulgence, our spa is an ode to opulence, offering a multitude of lavish services, each a tribute to the art of beauty and relaxation.

🌿 Phoenician Sugaring & Exfoliation - Epilation Begin your journey with our signature Phoenician Sugaring and Epilation. A divine ritual rooted in ancient beauty traditions, these services harmonize to tenderly exfoliate and remove unwanted hair, unveiling skin that radiates softness and grace.

💆 Massage Therapies Continue your voyage into relaxation with our bespoke Massage Therapies. Our therapists, artisans of rejuvenation, deftly navigate paths to deep relaxation, allowing the gentle rhythms of expert touch to soothe your spirit and revive your energies.

💄 Makeup and Permanent Make-Up Discover the transformative realms of color and style with our Makeup and Permanent Make-Up services. Tailored to accentuate your natural allure, our experts craft looks that echo your unique beauty, ensuring you shine with confidence and grace.

🌊 Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Experience the art of Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage, a sanctuary of revitalization. This meticulous technique enhances your wellbeing, boosting circulation and unearthing a luminous vibrancy that permeates your being.

💅 Manicure/Pedicure & Eye Lashes Indulge in the world of refined elegance with our luxurious Manicure and Pedicure services. Complemented by the enchantment of exquisite Eye Lash extensions, these offerings promise to adorn you with an irresistible charm.

✂️ Hair Salon At our elite Hair Salon, experience a transformative journey where each strand is cherished, styled with expertise, and sculpted to create expressions of undeniable elegance.

In the heart of Indian Wells, the Phoenician Sugaring and Day Spa emerges as a monument of luxury, a sanctuary where exquisite services, professional expertise, and breathtaking spaces converge to create an unforgettable journey of beauty and indulgence. We warmly invite you to experience the pinnacle of self-care in our oasis of relaxation and renewal.

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