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Phoenician Sugaring

Sugaring is the most ancient method of hair removal.

Exclusively natural ingredients are utilized to formulate a paste that epilates more gentle and, at the same time, is far more efficient than waxing.

The hair is removed from the root resulting in a far slower regrowth.

At the same time, the sugar formula acts in a smoothing way leaving the skin soft, silky and completely hair free.

In addition, my special formula also acts as a potent exfoliator, yet, without ever adhering to any live cells.

There is no chemical ingredient at all, and Phoenician Sugaring leaves none of the residues frequently observed with all other methods.


Only 1/8” of hair is required for a successful session.

Repeated sessions will result in sparser and finer hair decreasing the need for repetitions.


The combination of all natural ingredients and the low paste working temperature make this form of epilation ideal for those contra indicated to other methods of hair removal.

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Esthetician & Owner

The eldest, most gentle and all natural way to eliminate un-wanted hair from all areas of the body.

Perfect for all skin types and hair textures of all ages, both female and male.

No chemicals and 100% bio degradable.

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Monica Perez

Monica is a Coachella Valley Native who studied at Paul Mitchell Hair School in Los Angeles in 2007. She moved to NYC to work with Makeup Brands and Fashion events in 2008-2012. She has more than a decade of experience in the beauty industry and specializes in event, wedding, and print makeup applications.


Paulette Bartlett

Paulette Bartlett is a multi diverse massage therapist that incorporates the Chinese, Eastern and Western massage techniques.

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